Business Category

Keyring finds the best combination in creativity
and technology and proceed with it.


Keyring aims for the best product
quality, and makes trendy
and valuable products
in collaboration with varied brands.


Keyring produces various character goods
that cover the simple stationeries,
and products of living, beauty,
and fashion industries. Keyring pursues
unique artwork and superb product quality.


Characters of Keyring Studio
maximize the value of integrated cultural content
as they are utilized in various content businesses
including the animation, mobile,
game or publication.


Keyring finds the connection between
analysis of various media and effective customers,
proposes a content of best efficiency,
and performs the proposal, planning,
production and broadcasting of contents.


Keyring is a company
capable of producing high-quality animation
and consists of supervising manpower
from famous studios in the US or Canada.
Keyring, beyond a simple video,
works with its belief for creation
of the culture.