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Agreement of information collection and use for inquiries about business cooperation and commercial production

Keyring (hereinafter the ‘Company’) complies with the regulations for privacy protection on the relevant laws such as Privacy Information Protection Act or Promotion of Network and Privacy Protection Act to struggle to protect the private information of clients.

1.Collecting and Using Party of Privacy Information
The information given by the customers for inquiries and consulting of cooperation is accepted and managed by the Company.
2.Right to Refuse to Agree and Disadvantages for Refusal
Customers have a right to refuse not to agree with the personal information collection. (In this case, customers can’t make inquiries on cooperation.)
3.Collected Items of Privacy Information
Mandatory: name, email address, mobile number
Optional: contact number
4.Purpose of Collection and Usage
Confirmation of contractors, running the contractor management system, and announcement
5.Service Life and Retention Period
Collected information is stored until the time of termination of inquiry and consulting services.

I agree with the privacy information collection for business cooperation.